Welcome! I’m Evan Mullins, a web developer by trade and a mormon by faith. With my love for the Lord and a career in web development, I naturally gravitated toward making tools that could help me explore and express my LDS faith digitally. These apps are a passion project of mine and I strive for a product that anyone will enjoy and also learn with each engagement, and with a focus on a clean interface and solid experience while keeping the interactivity fun and uplifting.

2014-MullinsI couldn’t create these apps without the encouragement of friends and most of all my family. My sweet wife has been my sounding board, biggest supporter, proofreader, beta tester and more.

Most of my apps are church based in nature. One to teach or quiz users on the latter day prophets and the twelve apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have been surprised at how fast my own children have learned to recognize each of the church leaders. Another app to help primary age children (or any age) to learn the LDS Articles of Faith in a simple fill-in-the-blank type quiz where they simply tap the words in the right order from a scrambled list. After that I followed the same model to create one for LDS Seminary students with all the scripture mastery verses along the same fashion. I have a few more ideas for mormon apps, like… well, you’ll have to wait and see.

I’m grateful to you for trying out any of these apps and for providing feedback. I truly hope they may play a small part in uplifting you in your studies. I welcome any feedback and/or ideas you may have for improving these apps or ideas you’d like to see in a new product.