Elder Russell M. Nelson says use Internet to promote the word of God

In February, 2008, the Church launched a new website focused entirely on the Savior Jesus Christ. In an interview about this new website, Elder Russell M. Nelson said the Internet provides the means for modern-day Apostles to fulfill their commission from the Savior to take the Gospel to the world:

“Our responsibility as Apostles is to teach of Jesus Christ to all the world. We have used the website [JesusChrist.lds.org] because that’s the way people get their information now a days. When the Lord called his Twelve Apostles, he called them to send them throughout the world and preach of him. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. In those days they could talk to a few people, here and there. In our time, we’ve had radio, television and now we have the Internet. The Internet is a very excellent way of promoting the word of God. We have confidence in this medium. We know it will appeal to a lot of people. We take seriously the responsibility that we have.”

Source: New Web Site Focuses on Life and Teachings of Christ